Preliminary Program Overview

The following is a general schedule of events planned for UCCS 2019. A finalized program and schedule with detailed times will be made available to registered attendees who will receive detailed information on the time and location of their presentations via email prior to the meeting.  

Sunday March 24, 2019

Check-in at Lake Arrowhead 4:00-5:00 PM

Opening Address

Connor Easley, UCCS Chair

Ursa Lecture

- To Be Announced - 


Buffet-style service including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options & Selection of red and white wines

Poster Session

Including ACS Open Access Publications Dessert Bar & Vendor Exhibition

Evening Social

Including wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

Monday March 25, 2019

Sunrise Group Fitness Activities

Hiking and running along the beautiful Lake Arrowhead trails


Oral Presentation Session A

ACS Omega Coffee Breaks


Career Panel Discussion


Dr. Janine Tom, Amgen Thousand Oaks

Dr. Ben Gardner

Dr. Samantha Page

Dr. Emily Sylak-Glassman, Science and Technology Policy Institute

Dr. Sandra  Rodriguez-Cruz

Panelist Information


Choice of workshops:

Strategies & Practices to Apply in a Successful Research Career

Dr. Jan Willem Wijnen, Executive Publisher Chemistry, Tetrahedron

This workshop will provide insights into the writing and publishing process and explain the fundamental components and guidelines that researchers should consider when submitting work to scientific journals for publication. The workshop will outline the organization of a scientific journal, tips&tricks for writing a strong paper and explain the peer-review process in detail. The talk will include: 

  • Best practices around writing a paper and how to avoid the most common mistakes made by early career researchers.
  • What editors are looking for when accepting papers, along with common reasons for a rejection.
  • How to attract readers and get citations for your paper.

Crafting Your Elevator Pitch & Curating Your Interview Storybook

Dr. Marika Wieliczko & Dr. Jeremy Allen, Royal Society of Chemistry

What will come next for you after graduate school? We often hear about how important networking is to career growth, but it can be difficult to know what that means or how to begin. The first step to effective networking is crafting your 'elevator pitch' - a clear, concise statement of who you and what you do that sparks interest and builds connections with others. This is one of the most common questions you'll encounter, especially when looking to take the next step to advance your career. With elevator pitch in hand, your job interview is more likely to get off to a good start, and while the phrasing of other common interview questions can vary immensely, there are predictable themes to the character traits the interviewer is seeking to assess in the candidate. In addition to helping you craft your pitch, Marika and Jeremy will teach you a method for collecting your experiences and categorizing them, so that no matter what kind of interview question is thrown your way, you can pull a solid response from your 'storybook': a curated collection of your experiences and how they demonstrate your character in various situations.

Peer Review: Why, How to, and What Not to Do

Dr. Miranda Paley

In this session, we’ll take a critical look at the peer review process and what the editors are looking for when they send a manuscript out for review. You’ll also get tips for crafting a first-rate review and see how you can become a reviewer. The session wraps up with a special look at the ACS Reviewer Lab, a free 4-hour online course developed to educate researchers on the principles of high quality peer review.

Oral Presentation Session B

ACS Central Science Coffee Breaks


Buffet-style service including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options Selection of red and white wines

Lightning Talks

Evening Social

Including wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

Wednesday March 28, 2018


Oral Presentation Session C

Closing Keynote

Prof. Adam Veige, University of Florida

Awards Ceremony

Poster Presentation Prizes

Oral Presentation Prizes

Lightning Talk Awards

Closing Address

Andrea Coleman, UCCS 2018 Chair



Approximate departure 1:00 PM